Friday, January 4, 2013

Addicted To Rehab

My good friend Dave Garrison passed along the following blog to share with you guys. He's got some good thoughts to kick off the New Year. Enjoy!



Hi. My name is Dave and I’m an addict (In unison: “Hi, Dave”).

I’m addicted to rehab shows like those on HGTV and the DIY Network. You know, the home improvement shows where the host convinces some un-expecting homeowner to surrender their dwelling for a couple of days, and in return, the homeowner gets an outrageous transformation unlike anything they ever imagined. The best of these shows focus on the interior space of the home, knocking down walls, tearing out old drywall and fixtures—putting in amazing finishes throughout the space. Sure there are shows that deal with curb appeal, landscaping, and how to get better grass, but that’s a different twelve-step meeting altogether.

I will confess: I’ve spent hours transfixed in front of the TV mesmerized by these programs wishing my house could go from dump to divine in 30 minutes-to-an hour.

Jesus is a rehab addict too…at least I like to think of Him as one. He wants to transform us from the inside out. He asks us to surrender our hearts to Him; to allow ourselves to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. It makes complete sense to turn myself, my heart over to the Master Carpenter Jesus, but just like some of the folks on those shows, I say, “No thanks” or “I don’t need you”…or I try to direct the process—believing I know better than Jesus.

Healing from addiction takes time. Real transformation often takes LOTS of time. So it only makes sense to give Jesus some time (not that He needs it, but I do).

So here’s what I’ve learned about being a rehab addict:

Sitting on my butt watching home improvement show after home improvement show does nothing to improve the quality or value of my own home. Same thing is true with my spirit. Sitting on my butt doing nothing, does nothing to improve my spirit and...

Real transformation starts from within. If I keep improving from within, maybe others will start to see the difference on the outside.

So, I figured it’s time for me to take 30 minutes a day—skipping just one of my home improvement shows—and break open my Bible. The Bible is full of stories about transformation. Want to join me?

Who knows what we’ll get, if we just say “yes” to Christ Jesus—the Carpenter of the Heart?

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